Linda Gromko, MD
Cover Designs

Cover art for "Where's MY Book" is done by artist Jacqui Beck - one of the many works featured in her Gender Personal Collection. The cover design is the work of graphic designer Bob Bost. Jacqui's work dealing with the gender non-conforming community is personal; she has a transgender child. Jacqui's bright, often whimsical images are featured on every chapter - drawing the reader in to read just a little further. See

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The distinctive cover of "Let Me Go When the Banter Stops" was designed by Bob Bost. The photo of Linda Gromko standing on a rickety dock on the south end of Bainbridge Island was taken by Cameron Karsten on an early morning in July 2009 - the day Steve and Linda went to pick up the newly born copies of Complications: A Doctor's Love Story at Gorham Printing in Centralia, Washington.

The owner of the little dock came rushing out to shush Cameron and Linda away. It was only then that they noticed the "No Trespassing" sign posted at Linda's feet.

The inset photo on the back cover (see photo gallery) was snapped by daughter Brita Williams one Sunday in November 2010, just before Steve and Linda boarded an Access Bus. The weekly trips of a movie and a meal afforded Steve the difference between "some life and no life." Knowing just how marginal he looked at times, Steve would say, "Linda Jo, let's go out and sell us some pencils!"

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The beautiful cover of "Complications: A Doctor's Love Story" was also designed by Seattle graphic designer Bob Bost. Bob started by photographing the Asian screen, one of the actual items included in Jeff Milner's bequest to Linda Gromko. Bob's photograph of the breathtaking screen was then wrapped around he book to feature the image of the Asian cranes - traditional symbols of wisdom and longevity.


Bob Bost works as a graphic designer in Seattle. His personal interests are broad, and he is passionate about promoting healing through music. Bob participates in a Seattle musicians' group which brings live music to patients in area hospitals. A prolific songwriter, he has written haunting and inspirational works such as "On Christmas Morn," "Friend's Waltz," and "Fight the Good Fight."